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About Peruvian Tack
Peruvian Tack is starting its 22st year of manufacturing high quality tack in Peru and distributing it worldwide.

Tack for the Peruvian Paso horse has been sold in the USA for over 30 years. However, until Peruvian Tack began its product innovations, there had never been any efforts to make tack that fits the American Paso. Peruvian Tack Has conducted many studies to define the measurements for saddles, headgear, stirrups, gamarrillas, etc. needed by American customers.

Some innovations, since 1980, are:
Wider and Longer Tree
· Work Saddle with Hoops and Saddle Bag
· Adjustable Halter (Jaquima)
· Headstall (Cabezada) with Bit Snaps
· Endurance Ride Set
· Largest Variety of Saddle Types and Sizes
· New Stirrup Leathers (Accloneras)
· Easy On/Off Leather Stirrups
· Short Stirrup Strap with Buckle
· Bit with copper rollers
· Stirrups with round corners and scallop models
· Cruceta holders


About Us

In 1988 we introduced the English translation of the only book written, in Peru, to date on the Paso, "The Peruvian Horse" by Carlos Luna de le Fuente. With this high quality translation, we succeeded in aquainting people outside Peru with the true traditions and correct terminology regarding Paso origin, traits, breeding, training, feeding, evaluation, tack, and rider/chalan outfitting.
We also have two other books to choose from, "How To Train A Peruvian Horse" and "How To Tack A Peruvian Horse".
As we have done over the past 20 years, we again express our sincere thanks to all of our valued cutomers and supporters. Without their ideas, comments, suggestions and support, we would not be starting our 21st year. So from our staff in Peru, our staff in the USA, we say once more!
Muchas, Muchisimas Gracias!
Kindest Regards, & God Bless You,
Guillermo W. Romero - Manager
Graciela L. Romero-Marketing
Wilfredo G. Romero - Sales
· 1ST Year: 70% Discount on replacement or 70% of the repair cost
· 2ND Year: 30% Discount on replacement or 30% of the repair cost.
· 3RD Year: 15% Discount on replacement or 15% of the repair cost.
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